Bid Submission - eTendering / eProcurement

Digital SRT Solutions has a professionally acquainted team, who are highly committed, innovative, and visceral towards their work. Backed by years of experience and technical competence in the field of e-Tendering Solutions they are always ready to assist you in every aspect of tendering activity.

Now a days bidders are facing difficulties to submit their bid online because of incognizant about online activity. Therefore after bid submission their bid is being rejected most of the cases due to inappropriate uploaded documents in e-Tendering portal without their cognition.

For assistance pertaining to bid submission you have to follow one of the two steps:

Bid Submission through Remote Support (Those who has difficulty to visit our office)

  1. Keep your system (Desktop / Laptop) ready with good internet connectivity.
  2. Download Java ( and install it with verification in your computer.
  3. Keep all necessary documents pertaining to particular tender in your Computer's desktop in .pdf format after scanning.
  4. Download Remote software tool (Ammayy Admin - / Team Viewer -
  5. Insert your DSC in USB port of your Computer.

For any help....kindly contact us.

Visit our office for Bid Submission

Please visit in our office with all necessary documents related to particular tender and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

For any help....kindly contact us.