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Verification Process

Guideline for Mobile SMS/Call Verification - For Class 2 & Class 3

For Sify – Mobile Verification

A) Through Inbound call :-
Inbound call facility where the applicant calls his Mobile Number which has been given in the application form
Note: Make sure to call only for the status “Mobile Verification”
Toll free Number: 1800 419 2929 and press '8' for SafeScrypt between 9 AM to 8PM Monday to Saturday excluding national holidays.

B) Through SMS :-
Send SMS to mobile number 9900014440 in the below format from the register mobile number.
Like: Request Id (Space) Email id (Space) confirmed

Example: 12345678 xyz@gmail.com confirmed

Pls make sure that the Request id and email id should be the same as per enrolment(given in the application form) and SMS should generate from the enrolled number, any deviation will be rejected

Guideline for Video Verification through Link - For Class 2 & Class 3

A video link will be provided to the subscriber’s mail Id and open google chrome / Internet Explorer and paste that link for video verification. On that window you have to click on check box for allow and then click on Capture button for capturing video. After 32 seconds it will be stopped and Click to Submit Botton to save to the server. While Recording please mention the details given in Certificate Enrollment.
For more help....kindly contact us.

On class 3 required also video verification of applicant, below verifications are required on video.
• Subscribe Name.
• Subscriber Mobile No.
• Subscriber Address
• Company Name if application is organizations based.
• You have applied for class 3 digital signatures.